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How Should I Navigate The People's Talmud?
The Talmud is like the sea. On the surface, everything looks the same. It is only when you take the deep plunge do you truly behold the splendor within.
Your challenge will be to navigate the “Sea of the Talmud.”
You must plot your own personal and unique course while remembering where you've been and what you've found.
To help you do this, we have created The People's Talmud:
core entries
subject-based links
one-line teasers
All designed to provoke your curiosity and increase your wisdom and joy.
To prepare for your journey, first visit the SEARCH page.
On this page you'll find LISTINGS and CATEGORIES.
LISTINGS provide lists. For example, under FOODS & SPICES:
food items are listed from almonds to bacon to chulent to whisky to zared
CATEGORIES address subjects. For example, under FOOD, you'll find:
references dealing with the subjects of delicacy, cuisine and connoisseur
references dealing with the subject of healthy eating
discussions about diet
references concerning the laws of kosher eating
references about eating and drinking habits
different Talmudic recipes for courses, desserts and snacks
discussions about eating disorders
kitchen tips
discussions about famine and starvation
insights about wine, beer and schnapps
Go through all of the listings and categories.
Click on the topics that speak to you.
This is one of the most unique characteristics of the People's Talmud, the ability to thread a thought from one end of the Talmud to the other. So whether you are pursuing the
discussions as to why bad things happen to good people or
points about soulmates and dating,
The People's Talmud will safely carry you from shore to shore.
On this page every book of the Talmud is listed in order, including the Jerusalem Talmud.
Click on one of the books.
A pop-up window will greet you with a short text as to what to expect. At the top of this box you'll have two choices: ENTRIES, which are the text of the Talmud itself or BRAIN TEASERS.
We suggest you click on BRAIN TEASERS first.
A page of one-liners will appear.
Scroll down the page reading all of them.
If you can't resist, click on any of the one-liners and see where it takes you.
Now go back and click the option for ENTRIES, the text of the Talmud itself.
This will place you at the beginning of the book.
You'll notice, for example, < 1/436 >. The arrows will allow you to advance or go back.
The next time you come back, you'll be right where you left off.
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The Order of the Talmud

An introduction and insight

The Talmud is grouped into six sections called Orders. It appears from the Talmud, in the past, there were more than these six Orders. In fact there were even some books of the Talmud which had many more chapters than we have today. For example the Talmud says Avraham’s copy of the Tractate called “Avodah Zarah” contained four hundred chapters while today we have only five.

One of the great teachers of the last century, the Sfat Emet, pointed out that these six orders reflect the passage of life beginning with the discovery of the physical world (Seeds) culminating with the realization of the infinite light bound in a person’s soul (Purity).

  • Space (Zera'im)
    Food - Survival, Everyone Must Be Fed
    • Berachot
    • Peah
    • Demai
    • Kilayim
    • Shevi'it
    • Terumot
    • Maaser
    • Maaser Sheni
    • Challah
    • Orlah
    • Bikkurim
  • Time (Moed)
    Seasons, Holidays, Ups and Downs
    • Shabbat
    • Eruvin
    • Pessachim
    • Shekalim
    • Rosh HaShanah
    • Yoma
    • Sukkah
    • Beitzah
    • Taanit
    • Megillah
    • Moed Katan
    • Chagigah
  • Home (Nashim)
    The Building Block of Society
    • Yevamot
    • Ketubot
    • Nedarim
    • Nazir
    • Sotah
    • Gittin
    • Kiddushin
  • Society (Neziqin)
    Justice for All, Community & Nation
    • Baba Kama
    • Baba Metzia
    • Baba Batra
    • Sanhedrin
    • Makkot
    • Shevuot
    • Avodah Zarah
    • Avot
    • Horayot
  • Purpose (Kodashim)
    Reason for Existence - A Home for God
    • Zevahim
    • Menachot
    • Chullin
    • Bekhorot
    • Arakhin
    • Temurah
    • Keritot
    • Meilah
    • Kinnim
    • Tamid
    • Middot
  • Purity (Toharot)
    Coming to Peace with the Spirit
    • Niddah
Brain Teasers